Flavor. We choose it every day. It's delicious, but is it always satisfying?

Let's explore how flavors make us whole!

What if everything we ever wanted to understand about how to feed our body comes to us in the form of flavor?

Charmaine Stattman and Sherry Hess are thrilled to take you on this journey of flavor - which promises to be so much more than just an eating experience!

Join us at one of Colorado's best kept Colorado Vibe Resorts, Highland Haven for a weekend of tasting, sensing, and somatic understanding of how food is meant to fuel, heal and energize us through the language of flavor.

Every single meal is included, with plenty of time for quiet digestion, yoga, energetic and self reflection on this beautiful love-focused property. Most meals will be prepped for you so you can relax and enjoy. One meal will be an interactive flavor experience where you can create a meal with flavors that suit your body's needs.

Join us and discover for yourself exactly how you can use your senses, to inform you of the flavors that serve your body best.

It'll be deliciously rejuvenating and you'll walk away looking at food and flavor through a whole new lens.

MEET YOUR HOST: Charmaine Stattman

Charmaine is a self love practitioner. Her path in offering guided meditation, yoga, Reiki, and retreat chef services continues on a passionate and magical trajectory. Receiving from Charmaine isn’t just about the nurturing service experienced. She is deeply compassionate about connecting to humans, plants, animals, and Mother Earth.

Charmaine is the perfect co-host for this retreat as her family has owned an operated one of Denver's iconic restaurants. Having a food and health focused background, you can be sure that anything she creates to feed you will be backed by both culinary skills and energetic healing.

To connect directly with Charmaine and learn of her journey, please visit her website here.


Sherry shares Charmaine’s love for humans, plants and animals and best shares this love through the connection we make to nature through flavor and our sense of taste. She uses her experience as a chef, gardener and student of the senses to help others engage and recognize how flavors speak to us about the nutrition they hold when food is grown and raised in thriving environments.

You can learn more about Sherry's passion for food and healing here, on The Flavor Remedy Website.


If you're going to "retreat" you want to feel like you're surrounded by comfort!

This is what you will experience at Highland Haven in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Just 45 minutes from downtown Denver, you'll feel like you can escape it all. This gem of a local retreat center will immerse you in the complete Colorado mountain feel without all of the i-70 traffic and congestion. Owned and run by Colorado natives, this location is the perfect stay-cation for locals and great vacation for anyone coming from out of state.

The love that surrounds this property is palpable

We can't be more excited to host you here!

Oh... and did we mention that just outside of the dinner space where we'll serve you is a HOT TUB and a giant tree swing?

Yeah, it's going to be FUN!

See room details and learn more about Highland Haven Here.

The rooms are all unique and limited, so be sure and register ASAP to get your first choice in these stunning room selections. Each room has its own character.


This retreat is about so much more than flavor and eating. We want you to walk away understanding how flavor connects you to our planet, and in doing so we are being very reverent in the ingredients we will choose to feed you. Each of the featured brands we've teamed up with have dedicated themselves to being environmentally and/or socially conscious. Click on each logo and we're sure you'll agree - they're top notch Earth and People lovers!



Can you accomodate dietary restrictions?

Charmaine and Sherry both have dietary restrictions, so we totally see you! Although the full menu isn't finalized at this point, we are committing to being both gluten and dairy free. The retreat will not be solely focused on being vegetarian or vegan, however we intend to have animal proteins as an option that you can choose not to eat. With or without meat, we intend to create delicious and satisfying meals. We will not be able to accommodate nut allergies.

Can I room with a friend?

Absolutely, but get your registration in ASAP. The double occupancy junior suites are the most affordable and really very lovely as you still get your own bedroom in a shared space. These rooms typically book first. Select the room with a friend option on the registration form and complet your roomie's name. Please insure that you both register and get your deposit in simultaneously as others may also choose the double occupancy and be willing to room with a new friend. We will prioritize paid registrants and cannot hold an unpaid reservation.

Is there a cancellation policy?

We'd hate to see you go!! We're so excited to host this retreat and have pre-paid to hold this beautiful space. If you pay in full in advance, and cancel before 2/3/23 you will be refunded the full amount less $200 deposit. Any cancellations after that time will not be refunded. Please clear your calendar, plan ahead and plan to be fully present with us!

What's included?

It's easier to list what's NOT included:
Transportation to and from the event.
Gratuity for hotel accommodation staff

What is included:
All meals.
Cocktail/Mocktail reception upon arrival
Lunch - where you can play with flavors that work for you!
2 breakfasts
2 dinners
Happy Hour hosted by Highland Haven
Trust your Taste Workshop- somatic understanding of the flavor nutrient connection (Sherry)
The Energetics of Food (Charmaine)
Yoga Nidra for relaxing digestive support (Charmaine)
Plenty of downtime for self reflections, exploring Evergreen and the Highland Haven property.

How much will it cost?

Prices will vary based upon your accomodation selection. You can see the breakdown as well as payment/deposit options in the REGISTRATION FORM or by clicking the buttons on this page.