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USDA Report mentioned in Sherry's Tedx Talk showing nutrient density comparisons of strawberries grown in GardenSoxx using compost vs conventional methods of growing.

Rod Tyler is the creator of GardenSoxx, a new weed-free solution for gardeners with limited availability of land for traditional gardening.

In this episode, Rod shares a USDA report with Sherry that creates a powerful message around the nutrient density difference between food grown in compost vs traditional growing. Watch this episode and recognize how your taste buds can truly be indicating nutrient density through flavors we experience. This report is the one Sherry mentions in her Tedx Breckenridge talk.

Dia Kline- 🚫👃🚫 She can't smell!!!!

👅 But she sure can taste!

🦠 This feels confusing to most, and is relevant conversation because these are symptoms that Covid-19 patients experience.

We're on a mission to separate these two senses and recognize that one does not completely define the other. (Even though we admit they do play together!)

Ethan Frisch is a Co-Owner and founder of Burlap & Barrel Spice Company. I met Ethan when I was creating my own health focused spice blends, and was seeking responsible, clean and sustainable spices. I quickly discovered after my own trip to India that it's not an easy thing- until I met Ethan who is doing it right. Not only to they source high quality, sustainable, and wild spices, but they single source (one location indicated on every spice jar.) They take care of their sources farmers by giving them the opportunity to work directly with them, eliminating the commodity funnel and creating better product opportunities for both farmer and consumer. Plus, they're the best spices I've EVER TASTED.

Maureen Lee Maloney, MS, MA, is a cinematographer, documentary filmmaker, and adjunct professor at the Colorado Film School. She specializes in creating documentary content related to culture, science, and international issues. Her documentary web series, Girl Aspiring, has won awards for Social Impact and Best Documentary Series. Her current project, Voice of Vanilla, explores the lives of women vanilla farmers in Madagascar, exposing the global forces that impact them. She served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Madagascar, and has lived and filmed throughout Africa, South America, and Asia. Maureen believes that the connections created by film among people around the world can be a transformative force for good.

Kelly Bailey Newlon, chef and owner of RAD (Real Athlete's Diet) Boulder, is one badass female chef. Her passion around everything food has resonated with her through every ounce of her work. Her journey has taken her down many roads including chef instructor for ME at a sustainable culinary school in Boulder Colorado.

Watch and learn about Kelly's passion for sustainable food, healthy eating and supporting athletes with rigorous intensity. Kelly is all heart and it shows in this episode where Sherry and Kelly talk about the reverence for the lives that must be sacrificed when we eat and cook.

Butch Hunger is the founder of Marivation and Chief Executive Officer who has worked in the pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical distribution, and biotech industry for twenty-five years.

In this episode, Sherry and Butch discuss the importance of flavor and taste sensitivities when it comes to the side effects of treatment protocols in cancer patients. Sherry shares how she has contributed as Executive Chef and VP of Product Development of OncoBitez- a calorie dense real food option for patients who are facing chemotherapy treatments.

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