Meet Sherry

I'm honored to be a member of The reNourish Studio, a subset of The Farmer's Footprint nonprofit, where food businesses focus on creating a more regenerative food system through understanding living systems principles and establishing greater relationships with all stakeholders in the food industry.  Watch the video below to get a glimpse into the powerful work we do within the studio. For me, it has been life changing and brings the utmost hope for our world. 


My name is Sherry Hess and I advocate for experiencing flavors from nature so that we can see our sense of taste as our innate nutrition detection tool.  

As the Creator and Founder of The Flavor Remedy,  my passions lie in shifting the direction of our food system, and I believe we can do this by simply returning to the one thing we were born with to guide us to health and nutrition - our taste experience.  

My lifelong journey with food has been, like most, a roller coaster ride. Ultimately though, along the way I've found a direction that feels true and aligned to what I hold as a universal truth - that we are divine bodies that hold untapped wisdom about what we are meant to eat.  As a keystone species, I also believe it is our responsibility to continue to strive to grow more flavorful and nutrient dense foods.

As consumers, brands, and stakeholders in the food industry, I strive to shift how we think about our sense of taste by simply seeing the connection between taste and nutrients, and thus creating more demand for a higher quality  of life through flavor.

I believe that that wisdom can be found by better understanding how nature creates a connection for us to nutrients through our sense of taste.  What a glorious and delicious ride this can be! 

Will you join me?