Speaking and Workshop Opportunities

as seen on Tedx stage - breckenridge 2021

"Flavor is a remedy for boring food. Flavor is a remedy for health. Flavor is a remedy for the planet."

- Sherry Hess, TEDx Breckenridge 2021

Suggested Speaking Engagements:

Wellness Conferences

Regenerative Ag/Soil Conferences

Natural Products Conferences

Nutrition Conferences

Natural Products Marketing Events

tasting workshops

Consumer Package Goods -  Team Building and Brand Elevation Strategies

Sourcing Guidance for Brands who desire Greater Environmental Impact

Teaching Nutrition Clients how to understand Flavor and Cravings

Personalized Nutrition Tools

Recognizing Flavor/Nutrient Connections in Nature

Embracing Flavors - the Anti-deprivation Way of Eating Healthy

Combining Flavors- Approaching Flavor Diversity as Bio-Diversity