You've worked hard to be a brand in the food industry that makes a difference. You strive to source from farms and producers that care about the big picture, and are working hard to recover from the age of industrial agriculture. It's not an easy journey, and you're recognizing that there isn't enough space on your packaging to tell your consumers about all of the great things you're doing. Sometimes, it seems, they don't even recognize the value like you do.

But you KNOW your product is different. It tastes better. It's a beautiful example of why ingredient sourcing matters, and the flavor proves it. But guess what....your nutrition label looks just like everyone else's. Quality and the nuances of flavor just can't be represented in packaging.

That's why we've created the TASTE BEYOND THE LABEL program - to help you elevate your product, your source of flavor and to reconnect consumers to the importance of nutrient dense ingredients - simply by tasting the difference. 

regional flavors (terroir)
- it's not just for wine

One of the biggest challenges for a brand can be quality sourcing for flavor consistency. At the heart of your brand, you want to support small farms that are making a difference in how they grow and raise food, and yet you find variations in flavors and qualities when you source.

We've been conditioned to believe that our customers want the same flavor again and again. And yet, when it comes to wines, chocolates and coffee, we celebrate these variations, we designate and proudly claim the region from which the product is grown.

What if we took that same approach for your brand? What if there were nuances of flavors that came from a specific variety of cinnamon grown in ancient forests in Vietnam? Could you celebrate the difference? Perhaps you pride yourself on sourcing indigenous heirloom corn that carries a flavor that can only be found in its essence.

We work with brands to help them celebrate these nuances. To highlight the variations of flavors that show up in specific regions, farming practices and climates that pride themselves on thriving eco-systems. 

Flavor matters, and the variations can be celebrated!

become a your own brand sommelier 

Imagine if we  created as much reverence around the nuances of food like we do the nuances of beverages, most notably wine.

In conjunction with the  regional flavor approach that we can highlight with your brand, we  can also co-create adding value to your product by developing an in-house food and ingredient sommelier.

We work with your brand, your sources and your marketing team to create  and elevate the reason why your regeneratively sourced ingredients show up with more flavor, and what those flavors can mean beneficially to your consumers.

By combining all three programs, Tasting Beyond the Label ™ ,  Regional Flavors, and Brand Sommelier -  we can unite and shift the field by building our capacities to recognize, thrive and grow the importance of the flavor-nutrient connection.